Saal Digital Wall Decor – Wow! 

Following receipt of my Wall Decor I thought it useful to produce this review of the both the product and the functionality of Saal Digital’s user platform. Having used a number of suppliers over the years, some good, some bad, I was intrigued to know how my Wall Decor stood up against other suppliers. Firstly, a word or two on Saal’s platform. A quick download of their software and you’re up and running. There are a number of very intuitive pick lists depending on what product type you want and then a very simple upload section. Within a minute I had uploaded my image (a studio shoot of my daughters) sized it appropriately and was ready to add to my basket. There are a number of options for wall fixings, I selected the standard fixings which were two plates that stick to the back of the Wall Decor for simple fixing to you wall. That’s it, as simple as that.

The Wall Decor arrived within 3 days of ordering which I thought was excellent service; I’ve know some productions take over two weeks. The Wall Decor was expertly packaged with bubble wrap and in between two solid padded cardboard sheets. No chance of any damage.

Having opened the Wall Decor both myself and my wife were amazed at the quality. I’ve never had a product made from Alu-Dibond before and this was top notch. The finish was silky smooth and the detail pin sharp. Fixing was a breeze – simply attach the two metal plates and its ready to hang. The 40x40cm picture now has pride of place in my hallway.

To sum up, you usually get what you pay for. This is a premium product but surprisingly not at a premium price. Before you look for a supplier, check out Saal Digital as these people know what they’re doing. Perfect.


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